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Re: (TV) how many current members?

"MICHAEL CARLUCCI" <subterraneannyc@mindspring.com> wrote:
> I'll tell you what the Oliver bashing is all about. It's the Yoko Ono 
> syndrome in reverse.

Humph.  It wasn't Yoko that broke up the Beatles, it was the Beatles that
broke up the Beatles - Yoko was the scapegoat.  Most people know that,
but it's just easier to blame Yoko.

Even so, I don't know why Patti's partners would be the subject of such
harsh criticism - Patti's produced some great stuff over the past few
years - much more consistently than anyone else out of the old CBGB crowd.

Gone Again is one of the most painfully personal albums I've ever heard.
She took her pain over Fred's death and put it on the tape for everyone
to hear.  That takes serious guts.  Some would say that's what an artist
does, but very few of them actually do.

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