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RE: (TV) Recent acquisitions... Farber, Cole, Stooges...

>>What you should get is the _Love Story_ album, his best to date, I think.
I especially like >>_Unhappy Song_ reminiscent of Kurt Weill's _September

i listened to this record pretty passionately when it 1st came out, being a
big fan from the earliest days, but must admit when i put it on nowadays, it
leaves me cold.
that could be overfamiliarity, but some of the melodies sound half-baked.
i do remember playing it lots after the lights were out, lying in bed, & it
definitely could create a mood.
this may be common knowledge, but the commotions cut a version of "glory" as
a b-side to "forest fire" & useta do it live.
i also recall an interview with verlaine around 86 or so where they asked
him what he thought of lloyd cole's vocal delivery & it's patented
similarity...verlaine said he couldn't hear it & went on to remark how cool
he found morrissey's (!!) vocal style.

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