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(TV) Recent acquisitions... Farber, Cole, Stooges...

Hi all,

Just got back from New Year's in Utah(!) and found a stack of mail and CDs. I
finally got the Bibi Farber album after seeing her in concert last month. I've
been playing it all evening. It's terrific. Richard Lloyd produced the whole
thing and plays on a number of tracks - he certainly sounds distinctive. Highly
recommended. Gene Holder (of the dBs, I assume) mixed most of the LP.

Speaking of music I discovered through this list: I've been getting into the
Lloyd Cole & the Commotions album I bought last month (entitled 1984-1989), bit
by bit.

Finally, I got the 7-CD Rhino Handmade Stooges box set today... whew, not sure
when I'll be able to soak this all in, but it is very nicely done (owes a lot
to the Polygram VU box, actually, in terms of packaging) and I'm still blown
away that it even exists! The single mix of "Down on the Street" is quite
interesting: it features a keyboard part not present on the LP mix that sounds
an awful lot like the Stooges labelmate, Ray Manzarek... can't find a reference
to the keyboardist in the liner notes, though.


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