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Re: (TV) Recent acquisitions

So after a trip back to the UK I managed to pick up a handful of 

Top of the pile was Rowland S. Howard's 'Teenage Snuff Film'. I 
know Jeremy (US) has raved about this. It was definitely worth the 
7 year wait and thoroughly recommended, if you're able to locate it. 
Also finally got around to getting Pere Ubu's 'Terminal Tower'.

And then there were the bootlegs, including 'Pleasure Without 
Measure' - Tom live at the Town & Country Club, London 19/3/97. 
This is on a label called Barfing Spaniel. It's a double CD-R in a 
gatefold card sleeve. Quality is listenable, though not brilliant. 

I assume the Barfing Spaniel label originates in London or maybe 
Taunton (in-joke). There were other Tom & Television titles 
including Electric Ballroom 1984, CBGB's 1976 plus releases from 
Magazine, John Cale, Buzzcocks, Bowie (I also picked up a 
double CD of the Vancouver 76 rehearsal) amongst others. Some 
titles were CD-R copies of previously existing releases. Other titles 
featured original material. I'll try and get a full list of all the Verlaine 
and Television titles later this week.


Marc Bolan 1947-1977 A Chronological History by Cliff McLenehan
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