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(TV) Levene and the a mere shadow of Lydon

Hello all, 
glad to see Levene's name sparking so much conversation on the list.  
The PiL albums First Issue, Metal Box, Flowere of Romance and Paris In The 
Spring are among my all time favorites.  Levene, Lydon were such an amazing 
team.  The groups most potent line up on Paris included Wobble on Bass and 
Martin Atkins on drums.
I called Leven tragic because I think he was one of the great figures to come 
out of the era but he is hardly ever mentioned and pretty much vanished.  
I had the great fortune of meeting Martin Atkins a few times.  He told me 
Levene was absolutely brilliant but a 'hopeless junkie'.  The story that he 
relayed (and that I have read before) is that Lydon gave Leven an ultimatum 
about the drugs and Levene wouldn't kick, so Lydon erased his work on This Is 
What You Want and added some of the most horrible horn arrangements ever.  
Atkins told me that Lydon changed after that,  he left the band shortly 
I would love to see Levene record again.  I get depressed hearing the Pistols 
and the original Pil because of what Lydon has become.  I just can't believe 
it's the same guy who created Metal Box and Never Mind The Bollocks. 

Worth searching down is the original pressing of the This Is Not A Love Song 
single, it features Leven's work before Lydon destroyed it.  Great stuff.

Jeremy (us) 
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