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Re: (TV) Levene and the a mere shadow of Lydon

I forgot about that. While COMMERCIAL ZONE was essentially a bootleg LP and
never appeared on CD (though I once wrote Ryko and tried to talk them into it -
they wrote back and said "Try Bomp!" which I did, and they never responded),
there was a 'legit' PiL issue of 2 COMMERCIAL ZONE tracks. This included the
original, non-horns (and IMO vastly superior) "This Is Not a Love Song", a
slight remix of the same, and "Blue Water". The original "Public Image" was
added as a fourth track. This appeared as both a 12" single and a 3" CD (which,
until now, I forgot I owned!)

There was other great stuff on COMMERCIAL ZONE - "Mad Max", "Lou Reed pt. 2",
etc. - haven't heard it in six years now though.

I thought the recent PiL box set was a big disappointment - no COMMERCIAL ZONE,
nothing from the legendary (but unheard) re-recorded debut LP (meant for US
release), too much post-1983 material, etc. Some of the BBC stuff looked
interesting, but ultimately I passed it up.


--- Adoinel73@aol.com wrote:
> Worth searching down is the original pressing of the This Is Not A Love Song 
> single, it features Leven's work before Lydon destroyed it.  Great stuff.

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