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Re: (TV) Levene and the a mere shadow of Lydon

Is original pressing of 'This Is Not A Love Song' that
you talked about the same version that appears on
'Commercial Zone'? If so, I'm listening to it right
now. I'm not sure, I prefer the version on 'This Is
What You Want...'. (the whole Commercial Zone is
available on MP3, on
http://www.isolation.la.ca.us/pil/ in case some one's

> Hello all, 
> glad to see Levene's name sparking so much
> conversation on the list.  
> The PiL albums First Issue, Metal Box, Flowere of
> Romance and Paris In The 
> Spring are among my all time favorites.  Levene,
> Lydon were such an amazing 
> team.  The groups most potent line up on Paris
> included Wobble on Bass and 
> Martin Atkins on drums.
> I called Leven tragic because I think he was one of
> the great figures to come 
> out of the era but he is hardly ever mentioned and
> pretty much vanished.  
> I had the great fortune of meeting Martin Atkins a
> few times.  He told me 
> Levene was absolutely brilliant but a 'hopeless
> junkie'.  The story that he 
> relayed (and that I have read before) is that Lydon
> gave Leven an ultimatum 
> about the drugs and Levene wouldn't kick, so Lydon
> erased his work on This Is 
> What You Want and added some of the most horrible
> horn arrangements ever.  
> Atkins told me that Lydon changed after that,  he
> left the band shortly 
> afterwards.
> I would love to see Levene record again.  I get
> depressed hearing the Pistols 
> and the original Pil because of what Lydon has
> become.  I just can't believe 
> it's the same guy who created Metal Box and Never
> Mind The Bollocks. 
> Worth searching down is the original pressing of the
> This Is Not A Love Song 
> single, it features Leven's work before Lydon
> destroyed it.  Great stuff.
> Jeremy (us) 
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