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Re: (TV) Levene and the a mere shadow of Lydon

Yes, it's the same version as the one on COMMERCIAL ZONE, though it might be a
*slightly* different mix. But it's the same vocal, track, etc. This was later
'replaced' by the THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT... version of "This is Not a Love Song"
with horns and a highly-compressed radio-ready sound. This version is now on
the so-called GREATEST HITS SO FAR cd.

Sorry to be so off-topic, all.


--- Per Klingberg <nyharlotep@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Is original pressing of 'This Is Not A Love Song' that
> you talked about the same version that appears on
> 'Commercial Zone'? If so, I'm listening to it right
> now. I'm not sure, I prefer the version on 'This Is
> What You Want...'. (the whole Commercial Zone is
> available on MP3, on
> http://www.isolation.la.ca.us/pil/ in case some one's
> interested)

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