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Re: (TV) Recent acquisitions

On 5 Jan 00, at 9:15, Jeremy Smith wrote:

> Out of interest, where did you pick up the bootlegs from. I've always
> bought my TV stuff from Subterranean in NY - it would be good to find a UK
> source.


I picked them up in Camden Town, London.

If you go to the market which is on the opposite side of the road to 
Dingwalls Market (same side as Compendium Books, I think it's 
Lock Market), go down the entrance passage, turn left at the cafe, 
go straight on, right to the back of the covered section, you'll find a 
large stall selling books, records and CDs. Look for the photos of 
the owner with Keef and Ronnie. Ask (politely) there. They will be 
forewarned that hordes of Verlaine/Television fans may be 
descending on them.

And if anyone from the BPI, RIAA or IPFI is listening in - screw you!

Marc Bolan 1947-1977 A Chronological History by Cliff McLenehan
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