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Re: (TV) 500,000 copies sold?

    Well if Television '92 re-union tour is any indication it's not
that difficult to believe. They played 2 sold out shows in NYC. However,
in New haven Connecticut just 2 hours away they sold 200 advanced tickets
and the club were looking to give the remaining 800/1300 tickets away.
Apparently this was the case in most of the country with the exception
of a few pockets ticket sales were pretty poor. So 80,000 units since
1987 doesn't seem so inconceivable. It may be a bit disheartening, but
certainly believable. Now is that a world-wide figure or a domestic
figure? M T C
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>Subject: (TV) 500,000 copies sold?
>Date: Wed, Jan 5, 2000, 3:33 PM

>I have a hard time believing that since as of 1987 (per Rolling Stone) only 
>80,000 MMs had been sold.
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