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RE: (TV) Go Betweens

>>I've been 
 thinking of (and listening to) Moby Grape.  Their lack of success may 
 be explainable, though:  The record company, presented with an album 
 full of singles, released five at once with the result that DJs 
 didn't know which one to play, and didn't play any.  But man, what a 
 good debut album.  And there are some Verlaine-ish lines being played 
 among the triple-lead guitars, but I'm not sure who among them can 
 claim credit.

jerry miller played most of the verlaineish "lead" lines...peter lewis did
alotta the picking & skip spence the bulk of the "rhythm" guitar.
yr right...their debut is a massive record.
another good reason they didn't "make" it was cos they kinda fucked things
up for themselves...spence broke down, fame went to all their heads & the
material for their 2nd record just wasn't up to the heights of the 1st.
there are great songs peppered thruout their entire "career" tho.

i suppose the fact that most of my "heroes" are commercial failures doesn't
really bother me.
you can argue why so & so didn't make it, but i've always found the shit
that spoke the harshest, most sublime truths was the shit most of the world
didn't wanna hear.
no doubt it's a great thing to make a living off yr "art", but it ain't the
important thing.
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