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RE: (TV) Go Betweens

what Eric said. hear hear!

On 07 January 2000 19:35, Eric Gregory [SMTP:egregory@standard.com] wrote:
> i suppose the fact that most of my "heroes" are commercial failures doesn't
> really bother me.
> you can argue why so & so didn't make it, but i've always found the shit
> that spoke the harshest, most sublime truths was the shit most of the world
> didn't wanna hear.
> no doubt it's a great thing to make a living off yr "art", but it ain't the
> important thing.

What Maurice said too. Oh yes, buried treasure.

On 07 January 2000 19:50, Maurice Rickard [SMTP:maurice@greenmarketplace.com] wrote:
> Yeah, I've got to agree about success--I tend toward searching out 
> the nonobvious and obscure.  It's not a "I'm more obscure than you, 
> nyah nyah" thing, but more like finding buried treasure--something 
> that speaks deeply to you from a previously unknown place.  OTOH, 
> it's a sad thing when someone who's scaled serious artistic heights, 
> or opens your eyes and ears, is left to languish on the margins, or 
> worse.
> -Maurice

Great to see some of the lurkers of this list posting recently too. Pray continue...
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