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Re: (TV) rap-PE are the bomb !

I agree wholeheartedly about PE's "nation" - a masterpiece from beginning to
end and  never been bettered since IMHO...fantastic stuff...i loved hip-hop
until all the gangsta bullshit took over..."the message"for example is as
powerful an example of rhythm and poetry today as it was on its initial
release....it was the most exciting music i'd heard since the Sex
Pistols.....at one stage in the 80's it was all i listened to for a period.
I saw PE three times - they could conjure up such an amazing atmosphere in
concert -rock n'roll shows seemed so tame in comparison - these guys are
true showmen and even though they usually performed to backing tapes due to
technological limitations at the time no-one gave a damn..btw don't forget
about ole Flavor Flav !!!!- the joker needed to balance out the
heavy,serious"black CNN" lyrical content booooooyeeeee!!!!!!!!!

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>       [Yes, except for the fondness for hip-hop!]
>I have to admit I like rap.  It Takes A Nation of Millions is a masterpiece

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