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Re: (TV) rap-PE are the bomb !

Point taken Jeff and spot on...this is a deeply problematic area for me also
despite my love of the music.I have absolutely no time for the casual
anti-semetism/"white devil" claptrap /Nation of Islam separatist bullshit
beloved of so many rap acts past and present.
Happy new year to you and your family.   Raymond.
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From: Jeff Strell <jeff.strell@usa.net>
To: tv@obbard.com <tv@obbard.com>
Date: 08 January 2000 01:25
Subject: Re: (TV) rap-PE are the bomb !

>I've got to admit I like 'em too, though I've got a real problem with that
>called chosen -- frozen," "now they got me like Jesus" stuff.  Is it
>anti-semetic?  You bet.
>- Jeff Strell

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