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Re: (TV) rap

"eRacerX" <eracerx@mindspring.com> wrote:
> I don't like hearing lyrics about bitches or guns or racial problems.
> Perhaps if there was more focus on crafting the music, perhaps I just like
> guitar rock too much.

This hits on the 2 reasons I don't like much rap.  First is that quite
a bit of it seems to be thrown together.  There's close to zero
musicianship involved in creating your average rap record.  Some samples,
the bass line, and start chanting "Yo yo yo" over the beat.  It's not
music.  It was hot and fresh and great 20+ years ago when Kurtis Blow
and Grandmaster Flash were defining the style, but now any idiot with a
computer can download a DJ program and be a star-wannabe.

They ain't saying anything, either.  It's all puff and posture, about
how baaad they is and how many caps they've busted and ho's they's done,
usually to bad (and I mean bad bad, not good bad) rhyming.
There's *maybe* one rap song in 100 that actually has something to say
about something, but that's true of most music.  For every "Subterranean
Homesick Blues" there were a hundred "Sugar Sugars".  Now that rap's gone
mainstream, the real good practicioners aren't the ones you're going to

The worst part about rap to me is the whole posture, don't fuck with me
or I'll cap you, I'll fuck your ho, cross me and you're dead - and then
they have to live up to that shit, so you've got too many idiots with guns
killing people over stupid things.  The whole gangsta pose can't go away
quickly enough for me, but by having all the rich white politicos screaming
about it, it just makes it that much more cool to do it.

You want bad?  Miles Davis would have kicked the shit out of every
single one of these mothers, starting with Puffy and working his way
down the list.

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