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Re: (TV) rap

> I have to admit I like rap.

I change the station if I hear it or see it on TV.
I don't know exactly what rap is, because I hear about hip-hop and other
names for it, and I will not bother myself with trying to figure it out.
I can not stand the rhythmic talking over beats with samples stuff. It just
makes my skin crawl.
I don't like hearing lyrics about bitches or guns or racial problems.
I do like some of the soulful crooning I have heard, even when it's over
samples. - I think that's called New Jack Swing.
My kids have some (future US President) Will Smith, and that is tolerable,
but I would never choose it.

For me, it's kind or a black and white thing. I just don't know what they
are talking about, I don't 'get it'. Even though I grew up in a multi-racial
area, and have friends of all 'types', am tolerant of anything, this is one
'fad' I can not connect with at all. And I don't see how white kids get off
booming that dub bass shit in their Hondas.
Hey, maybe I am just getting old.

Perhaps if there was more focus on crafting the music, perhaps I just like
guitar rock too much.

Anybody remember Lou Reed's  'I Wanna Be Black' ?
 - H.

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