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Re: (TV) rap-PE are the bomb !


I like the points made by Jeff regarding Berry and Brown...and I'd add
Bo Diddley to that list. Some of his stuff made that leap, too, and some
of it provides a tangible time-line connection to rap.

I'd also agree with Michael C regarding rap lyrics, I find a lot of the
words to be heavily ironic, and often humerous, not literal at all. The
fact that some rap fans ( and non fans alike ) may not 'get' the
intentions of the lyrics can't be blamed on the artist necessarily.

Regarding PE, I saw them in 1988, and it remains one of the worst shows
I've ever seen in my life. Lousy sound (not the venue's fault either)
mixed with football crowd singalongs, and cornball antics such as "lets
divide the crowd into three sections, when I shout Yo the people on the
left shout Yo" etc etc ad infinitum, ad nauseum. All those 'security
guards' on stage staring at the audience was  creepy, too...although
maybe on second thoughts that was supposed to be ironic as well? I still
dig PE recordings though.



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