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Re: (TV) rap-PE-other stuff

Michael Olcsvary <olcsvary@erols.com> wrote:
  That early PE is some of the
> most radical, influential music ever recorded, and I'm so glad to see the
> of this list agree.  Maybe the millennium is worth waiting for after all.
>  Politically correctly yours,
> Michael
What "politically correctly"? Maybe we're just right. I haven't heard a lot of
rap myself, but some of it's good. Of course, some is crap, but you get that
more often than not.
On a completely unrelated note, does anyone else think the VH1 "Top rock Songs
of the Century" is a travesty? I know it's VH1 and all, but they were fairly
objective on the top 100 artists they did a while back. Not perfect, but I
don't feel sick when looking at the list. Who picked these?


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