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Re: (TV) rap

I am responding to this e-mail because it seems like it was responding to mine.  How else would you casually describe a feeling that is "strong dislike"?  I think "hate" is as good as any other in this particular context.  "Hate" in the sense of "strong dislike" does not require understanding, it's a strong gut-feeling of deep dislike that makes me want to turn the stereo off and sulk for ten minutes about what has music gone to.  Okay, if Mike wants to be that precise, in general, most rap music (not all, obviously, since I even mentioned one that I personally like) and Lauryn Hill (that reference was in response to whomever has said that he didn't like Lauryn Hill) makes me want to turn off my stereo and sulk for ten minutes about what has music gone to.  

>>> subterraneannyc@mindspring.com 01/09/00 04:35PM >>>
  I've always felt
that H A T E is a very strong word. How can you hate something or someone
you do not understand? I may not like what Lou Reed does these days but I
certainly do not hate him. I have no reason to. I'll give him credit for
staying alive, getting great guitar sounds, and even still being active.
Now all he has to do is remember how to sing again like he use to when
he was in the Velvets. 

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