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Re: (TV) rap

I'm with you, Michael.  Like it or not, rap has established itself as a big
part of modern pop music -- big enough to spawn lots of subcatagories, and to
make lots of different types of people happy.  Dismissing rap as a whole
because you don't like gangsta rap is kind of like dismissing guitar-based pop
because you don't like death metal.  Not that it's impossible to just plain
dislike rap.  My dad just plain dislikes rock.  I have a kneejerk dislike of
opera.  But I find that I'm a lot more open now to types of music I used to
"hate" -- country, rap, popular vocals, etc.  

I think that the world was probably a little bit better off when the general
public was more inclusive in their tastes.  When I grew up, it would not be
unusual to hear the top 40 station segue from the Troggs to Aretha Franklin to
the Mamas and Papas to Frank Sinatra to Johnny Cash.  That openness to
different cultures is something I really miss.  So all you rap haters, just
give it one more chance for ol' uncle Jeff, 'kay?  

About Lou's voice, well, some people's voices just change when they get older.
 I agree that recent Lou records have been hit or miss.  But "Set The Twilight
Reeling," for me, was a "hit."

- Jeff Strell

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