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Re: (TV) rap

    Whether we like it or not, Rock & Roll as we know it is
pretty much dead. Read the billboard charts. It's either Pop music, Rap,
but no real Rock & Roll. Rock's had a 40 year run which is alot longer than
most genre's. I'd like to share more on this issue but it's 10:20 and I need
to get home. I've been here for 12 hours. Scott, I'll call you Wednesday. I
make it Tuesday. Sorry. M T C
>From: Jeff Strell <jeff.strell@usa.net>
>To: tv@obbard.com
>Subject: Re: (TV) rap
>Date: Sun, Jan 9, 2000, 9:08 PM

>I'm with you, Michael.  Like it or not, rap has established itself as a big
>part of modern pop music -- big enough to spawn lots of subcatagories, and to
>make lots of different types of people happy.  Dismissing rap as a whole
>because you don't like gangsta rap is kind of like dismissing guitar-based pop
>because you don't like death metal.  Not that it's impossible to just plain
>dislike rap.  My dad just plain dislikes rock.  I have a kneejerk dislike of
>opera.  But I find that I'm a lot more open now to types of music I used to
>"hate" -- country, rap, popular vocals, etc.  
>I think that the world was probably a little bit better off when the general
>public was more inclusive in their tastes.  When I grew up, it would not be
>unusual to hear the top 40 station segue from the Troggs to Aretha Franklin to
>the Mamas and Papas to Frank Sinatra to Johnny Cash.  That openness to
>different cultures is something I really miss.  So all you rap haters, just
>give it one more chance for ol' uncle Jeff, 'kay?  
>About Lou's voice, well, some people's voices just change when they get older.
> I agree that recent Lou records have been hit or miss.  But "Set The Twilight
>Reeling," for me, was a "hit."
>- Jeff Strell
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