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(TV) Thoughts on Richard

I missed the post that apparently dissed Richard Hell but I gather that it 
was pretty rude.
Richard Hell has really affected my life in  positive ways over the years. 
First with his music which I discovered before, and cherish as highly, as 
Television.  Fact is that it was through my love for Richard that I found 
In the last few years it has been his writing that has gotten me.  He has 
published several great volumes of poetry and two great novels.  His work 
continues and is as strong.  
He has remained uncompromised and as 'punk' as ever...what is more punk than 
being a poet???
Richard could have easily become bitter at the countless number of imitators 
that have gained more fame than he has.  The majority have pissed or sold his 
originality away in sorry copy cat imitations.  
Richard is still alive, still working and still matters.  How many people 
from the 'punk' era can you truly say that about?
Richard is blessed as an artist and I am blessed for knowing his work....
Jeremy (the US one firm planted in Hell's hometown of Lexington, Ky.)

oh, and I hope one day he does return to music but if he doesn't the work he 
left within the black grooves is enough.  
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