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Re: (TV) 2 cents on Rap/dissing Richard.

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Check out KRS1.

OK,OK heard you the first/second/third/fourth/fifth time already..........

Also re:your criticisms of Richard Hell -in my book the man has already done
enough to warrant a place in the history books ,and more importantly
people's hearts and minds, by being involved with THREE (count 'em) of the
greatest NY bands of the 70's and kickstarting an entire movement...if he
never scales those heights again musically i think he's already done more
than enough up to this point...in any case it looks like he's concentrating
more on his writing career from now on.

...and by the way what have you done recently to inspire/uplift people in
YOUR life or what great musical legacy have you been involved with pray tell
that you can point the finger so vehemently and may i say bitterly???????

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