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(TV) Richard Lloyd Appearance 1/21 NYC

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1/16 TIM ROBBINS (approx. 9 PM) and
1/16 THE JOHN FAYE POWER TRIP (approx. 11 PM)

There are three essential Commandments:
Respect The Elders.
Embrace The New.
Encourage The Impractical and Improbable,
Without Bias.
- David Fricke

These are the songs I played on
on 102.7 WNEW-FM, New York on 1/9/00

LENNY KAYE, musician/writer

"drag queens in limousines, nuns in blue jeans
dreamers with big dreams, poets and awol marines
actors and bar flys, writers with dark eyes
drunks that philosophize, these are my friends " 
- Gauthier/Harmon, "Drag Queens In Limousines" (1999)

The wonderful cornetist and composer Nat Adderley died last week (1/2/00) in
Florida at the age of 68. During the course of tonight's show I played
several recordings of his compositions, including some of the classics he
wrote and performed with his brother and frequent collaborator, Cannonball
NAT ADDERLEY A Little New York Midtown Music (1978)
(Nat Adderley composition) 
WARREN ZEVON Life'll Kill Ya
RANDY NEWMAN I'm Dead (But I Don't Know It)
THE KINKS All Day And All Of The Night
MIKE NESS A Thief In The Night (Harlan Howard song)
MARY GAUTHIER Out Lady Of The Shooting Stars 
MARY GAUTHIER Drag Queens In Limousines
KRIS KRISTOFFERSON The Silver Tongued Devil And I
JANIS JOPLIN Me & Bobby McGee 
CARL HIAASEN - guest - conversation 
One of my favorite guests, Miami-based novelist Carl Hiaasen, returned to
the show to talk about things absurd and hysterical in the warm climes of
sunny surreal Florida! Hiaasen, known for his twice-weekly "metropolitan"
column in The Miami Herald, as well as his string of outrageous novels -
Lucky You, Stormy Weather, Strip Tease, Native Tongue, Skin Tight, Double
Whammy and Tourist Season - is a native-born Floridian whose sharp
observations about the destruction of his state's ecology and heritage are
presented with a delightfully barbed sense of humor and mayhem. Tonight we
discussed his latest novel, Sick Puppy (Knopf), a typically twisted Hiaasen
romp which features eco-terrorists, a millionaire Barbie fetishist, a
kidnapped Labrador retriever and thousands of squashed toads! Longtime
Hiaasen fans will be happy to know that the new book contains an appearance
by of one of his most popular and endearing characters, Skink, the state's
ex-governor who walked away from both his office and reality a few books
back to live the life of a woolly Robin Hood-like recluse in the swamps and
woods of Florida's rapidly disappearing wilderness. No Floridian in more
incensed over the mallifying and Disneyfication of the state than Carl
Hiaasen, or funnier in his insightful analysis of who's responsible! In
addition to Sick Puppy, he has also recently published a hardcover
collection of his newspaper columns: Kick Ass (University Press Of Florida).

There is an actual "sick puppy" in the novel, a big Labrador retriever that
eventually comes to be called McGuinn, after Roger McGuinn. Roger's album
Back From Rio is played on a car tapedeck during one scene, so I played a
song from it which applies to many of Hiaasen's concerns. 
ROGER McGUINN The Trees Are All Gone 
A couple of years ago Carl co-wrote two songs with Warren Zevon. They met
after Carl mentioned Warren favorably in one of his books. Warren got in
touch to say thanks and they struck up a relationship which resulted in the
co-writing of two songs for Warren's Mutineer album, which I played during
the course of Carl's visit tonight. 
WARREN ZEVON Rottweiler Blues
WARREN ZEVON Seminole Bingo 
BLUE MOUNTAIN Hermit Of The Hidden Beach 
I spoke with Idiot's Delight Digest founder Scott Perschke on the phone. The
IDD, which was
started by Scott five years ago and currently has over 700 subscribers, is
an e-mail discussion group based quite loosely around the show. (During the
course of its existence it has taken on a life of its own, with a scope far
beyond the show.) I spoke with Scott about a recent change in the actual
cyberspace location of the digest - it has a new address. In addition, Scott
has set up a separate "news list" which will be used for special
announcements only. (I will post "The Songs I Played" to both lists each
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>From Vin Scelsa's page on WNEW.com re; last Sunday's guest on his radio
show, Lenny Kaye.  Note the mention of Richard Lloyd playing at the Bottom
Line on 1/21:
Lenny Kaye, musician, writer, music historian, producer and Patti Smith's
longtime guitarist, is the original compiler of the great 1972 double album
entitled Nuggets, which will be celebrated at the next "The Beat Goes On"
show at the Bottom Line (on Friday, January 21). An eclectic group of
contemporary New York musicians will perform some of these classic mid-1960s
"garage rock" classics ... and Lenny, in the guise of his alter ego Link
Cromwell, will serve as the evening's host/emcee. (Nuggets was reissued a
while back as an expanded 4-CD box set on Rhino Records.) Performers
scheduled to appear on the show include Scott Kempner, Willie Nile, Richard
Lloyd, Even Dando, Debbie Schwartz, Joe McGinty, the Prissteens, Tish and
Snooky, Joy Askew, Fountains of Wayne, Annie Golden, Carlton Smith, Joe
Hurley ... and many more!
For Bottom Line information: <<http://www.bottomlinecabaret.com>> 

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