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Re: (TV) Living on fresh air.............

Eric wrote:"no doubt it's a great thing to make a living off your "art" but
it ain't the important thing"....

Hey Eric,

Firstly apologies for isolating these words from the rest of your
post...truth be told i was highly intrigued by your comments on Moby Grape -
I've made a mental note to check out their 1st, you have certainly done a
passionate pr job on it.

I realise you're not opposed to artists making money per se.The point that i
was very badly trying to make is that surely for any artist it IS the
important thing to be able to make some kind of living off your "art".
I should have clarified my meaning better instead of firing off my rather
terse, initial response...

The "you can't eat credability sandwiches" comment comes from BP Fallon an
plugger/scenester and general wag who liked to remind the more
naive,idealistic and starry-eyed music fan that the reality of the world of
the musician is usually far from what they imagine...As someone who has been
on both sides of the fence I can testify that after a few years of being
involved in the most cynical business in the world your idealism and
romanticism usually take more than a bit of a battering...and i think that
is what Nick's experience suggested also.

Sorry for any confusion Eric.......

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