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RE: (TV) Richard and Tom.

agreed with the quine/lou analogy.
tho the new lou record's reportedly back to basics.
who knows tho??
& to give both quine & verlaine their due, hell could use guys like that
with his music (if he ever does it again), instead of the sonic youth types.

why don't cats like dylan use players like quine????
(ge smith?!?!?!?)  is it ego???
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>> & from where i stand, verlaine needs a cat like hell to loosen his
>> a bit.

Eric this is so spot on.Why are so many of our old faves these days afraid
of a little friction in their musical environment?..You can bet your bottom
dollar that Hell gave Verlaine an edge he didn't have by himself before they
met...and surely that edge is ultimately what made for some of our favourite
rock and roll music?
Same with Quine and Reed... it seems now that both Lou and Tom only ever
want to surround themselves with yes men for the most part who are never
gonna upset the ego applecart.

Take care dude,
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