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Re: (TV) Richard and Tom.


>agreed with the quine/lou analogy.
>tho the new lou record's reportedly back to basics.
>who knows tho??
>& to give both quine & verlaine their due, hell could use guys like that
>with his music (if he ever does it again), instead of the sonic youth types.
>why don't cats like dylan use players like quine????
>(ge smith?!?!?!?)  is it ego???

    Quine's name has been brought up to Dylan before, supposedly. Though
has ever happened. I seriously doubt that Hell could ever pull off again
what he did
in the 70's. He's not hungry enough. Not that he's swimming in money, it's
just that
he's been there and left on his own accord and has no desire to return. Even
if a
Japanese company offered him $100,000 to make a record I'm sure he'd go for
but it would never be the same. I can't tell you how I know this, just take
word for it. The passion is gone, as is the competitive edge that surrounded
scene. Hell was never that content with touring or the music scene. Geez,
guys were getting spat on every night of their first UK tour as well as
beer bottles thrown at them supposedly in appreciation of the band? And,
unless it
was for an incerdible amount of money, Quine wouldn't do it anyway. He'd
do it with Lou if Lou had the good sense to ask him back. Did you know that
Quine was on tour with Lou that Lou's people would buy the next day's
reviews of
shows from the night(s) before and go through them before Lou had the chance
see them so that if Quine's name appeared in them Lou would not see them.
how jealous of Quine Lou was. Now how stupid is that? It was Lou's band , he
picked the
guy to play with him, raved about his playing and because the press picked
up on
how great the two worked together Lou saw Quine as the John Cale of this
band. I
don't know if any of you had the privelege of seeing these two in action at
Bottom Line shows in NYC in '83 but they were some of the best ever,
from Quine's output. The guy was awe-inspiring. Lou hadn't looked so excited
play in years doing songs like New Age, There She Goes Again, Rock & Roll
sequed into Sister
Ray which was totally off the cuff. Those shows were magical and will
probably never
happen again. If you're fortunate to find it, there's a video called One
Night In New
York I believe or something like that. It's Lou with Quine & Fred Maher and
Saunders in NYC at the Bottom Line. It's a must for anyone whoever cared
about guitar
interplay. Thanks for letting me ramble on. M T C 

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>>> & from where i stand, verlaine needs a cat like hell to loosen his
>>> a bit.
>Eric this is so spot on.Why are so many of our old faves these days afraid
>of a little friction in their musical environment?..You can bet your bottom
>dollar that Hell gave Verlaine an edge he didn't have by himself before they
>met...and surely that edge is ultimately what made for some of our favourite
>rock and roll music?
>Same with Quine and Reed... it seems now that both Lou and Tom only ever
>want to surround themselves with yes men for the most part who are never
>gonna upset the ego applecart.
>Take care dude,
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