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(TV) Re: Quine & Reed

If you want to hear the Lou Reed / Quine / Maher / Saunders lineup in action,
there's also a double LP called Live In Italy, which has recently been
re-released on budget (single) CD under a different name I can't remember. You
can tell it by the track listing...
It's been a while since I listened to it, but as I recall, the first disc is
mostly solo Reed songs and is very good -- great versions of 'Sally Can't
Dance', 'Waves Of Fear', 'Average Guy', 'Satellite', etc. Sadly, the second
disc, which is mostly old VU numbers (including 'Sister Ray') plus a fairly
dire version of 'Walk On The Wild Side', is a bit shite. 
My feeling is that Quine is at his best when he has to compete with everyone
else for space, or fit short solos into tight songs. When they just let rip
with a loose five-minute jam in the middle of a song, it all gets messy -- he
needs a stable framework to work against.
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