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Re: (TV) Tom's twin brother?

According to the '96 Boston Phoenix article <http://phx.com/alt1/archive/music/reviews/01-04-96/DYLAN_SMITH_1.html >, he seems not to have survived. On <http://phx.com/alt1/archive/music/reviews/01-04-96/DYLAN_SMITH_4.html >, there's this:

"Have you talked with Johnny?" Patti asks. Later I learn that Johnny -- Tom's twin -- died years ago, something to do with heroin. But for Patti, death is no reason to stop talking to a friend.

Little Johnny Jewel, perhaps?  Damn shame.


At 10:43 AM -0800 1/13/00, Philip P. Obbard wrote:
Verlaine says he has an identical twin who is/was a junkie. Does anything know
anything about his brother - his name, whether he is still alive, etc.?

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