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i think that cd is gonna be difficult to find.
TK records (the label) is completely defunct.
i've occasionally seen used copies here in portland, or (home of TK recs),
but they're getting scarce.

from what lloyd says, the laughner joining TV story was an exaggerated myth.
he claims laughner was a starstruck asskisser to verlaine & just sorta rode
his coattails for awhile.
who knows???

the truth to know is that yr right: 
laughner was a GREAT guitarist & tho his songs didn't always match his
reach, well worth a listen for anybody.
("sylvia plath" is gorgeous & has been covered by a myriad of underground

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Is there any known or rumored early TV recordings featuring Peter Laughner
on guitar?  He reportedly played with them for a short time when Lloyd quit,
left or soemthing.

For those of you who have never heard of (or heard) Laughner, he is very
important to a Television fan, I would say more important than the VU.
Several years back a compilation of his work was released on a cd called
Take the Guitar Player for a Ride.  I believe it is now out of print, but if
it can be found it is essential.  Laughner was integral in very early Pere
Ubu and is a seminal figure in the Cleveland punk scene of the mid 1970s.
He was also a total fuck up who died of liver disease at the age of 27!
Check out the link below where you can further link to the cd i mentioned



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