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While I don't personally know of any (which doesn't mean much), Richard tends to downplay this a lot--check out the "Ask Richard"s on the rivethed site.

There are some pretty impressive performances from him (you're welcome, Jay) on the Ubu box set _Datapanik in the Year Zero_, which is also out of print, but findable. The Rocket from the Tombs tune "Amphetamine" is a great, moving rock song (and the one that the Laughner retrospective takes its title from). And the performance by his post-Ubu band Friction (coincidence? I think not) is worth hearing as well.

Laughner also wrote for Creem, much like Lester Bangs, and IIRC reviewed _Marquee Moon_ for them.

There are a couple Ubu sites out there:
http://www.projex.demon.co.uk/ is the Ubu affairs site run by David Thomas himself. http://www.dnai.com/~obo/ubu/ubu_garage.html doesn't change frequently, but has a lot of links.

There's also http://www2.shore.net/~stooge/peter.html which might be about the most info you'll find on Laughner on the web--including reviews from Creem! And yep, the MM review is in there, along with his obit by Lester, and, apparently, RealAudio clips (haven't tested them).


At 2:18 PM -0500 1/13/00, jpontrelli@nallmiller.com wrote:
Is there any known or rumored early TV recordings featuring Peter Laughner on guitar? He reportedly played with them for a short time when Lloyd quit, left or soemthing.

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