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Re: (TV) peter laughner

In a message dated 1/13/00 3:44:25 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
jpontrelli@nallmiller.com writes:

> This may be blasphemy, but PL's version of Calvary Cross kick's RT's ass

Wow ... I've got TAKE THE GUITAR PLAYER FOR A RIDE, so I'm gonna have to do 
the comparison myself. I remember liking Laughner's version, but "kicking 
RT's ass" is a mighty tall order. 

I'll definitely give it a fresh listen though ... it's been a while.

    -- Owen

Owen Gwilliam

"What do you get when you take Italy's finest zydeco musicians and turn them 
loose on a program of Cyndi Lauper favorites? We have no idea, really, but we 
imagine it would sound nothing like THE MISTAKES, the semi-long-awaited 
collaboration between four of modern music's more intriguing practitioners 
    -- from the press release for the debut album by The Mistakes
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