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Re: (TV) peter laughner

jpontrelli@nallmiller.com wrote:
> Unfortunately your only source is Take the Guitar Player.  This may be 
> blasphemy, but PL's version of Calvary Cross kick's RT's ass

Them's fightin' words!  :)

Seriously, I would think it depends on which version by RT you get.
There's some live versions that would shred wallpaper at 20 yards!

He doesn't play it live very often because he finds it an intimidating
song to play, and if he can't get it as good as he wants, he'd rather not
play it (though I'd love to hear him try anyway).

Laughner is actually one of the few guitar players I know who could play
right on that edge of total abandonment, looking right down into the
abyss, but keep it from all falling apart around his feet.  Unfortunately,
he couldn't do it consistently, depending on how fucked up he was.  As
time went on, he'd go to the edge, look right over it, and either fall or
jump into it, depending again on his ability to control himself and his
attitude of himself at the moment.

RT will go to that edge, but won't get close enough to fall in.  He likes
watching other people jump, though.  As he describes his songwriting,
"Boy meets girl, blood everywhere!"

TV, on the other hand, knows where the edge is, and carefully constructs
an observing platform extending past it!

Sorry if I've taken this metaphor too far :)

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