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>From: jpontrelli@nallmiller.com
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>Subject: (TV) LAUGHNER
>Date: Thu, Jan 13, 2000, 2:18 PM

>Is there any known or rumored early TV recordings featuring Peter Laughner 
>on guitar?  He reportedly played with them for a short time when Lloyd 
>quit, left or soemthing.

    To my knowledge there are no TV tapes with Laughner. There is a tape
a place called Picadilly from Ohio in '75 where Laughner was rumoured to
played on. I can't hear him if he is. Sounds like Lloyd throughout.

>For those of you who have never heard of (or heard) Laughner, he is very 
>important to a Television fan, I would say more important than the VU. 

    Were it not for the Velvet Underground there would be no Pere Ubu or 
Laughner for that matter. I like what Laughner did, and agree that he was
of significant importance but he ain't no V.U. era Lou Reed who in my own 
opinion was pure genius, which ain't a word that I like
to throw around lightly. Sometimes I/we might forget just how brilliant Lou
and V.U. were, just one listen to the first 4 LP's usually puts it back into
perspective. V.U. opened up all kindsa doors for the bands who followed in
their footsteps and Laughner and Pere Ubu were one of them as well as the
Eels and
the Mirrors. All of those guys were huge VU and Beefheart fans. M T C       
    BTW, did TK Records really go out of business? I did order from those
but haven't in a long while.                                                

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