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> >Is there any known or rumored early TV recordings featuring Peter Laughner
> >on guitar?  He reportedly played with them for a short time when Lloyd
> >quit, left or soemthing.
> >
>     To my knowledge there are no TV tapes with Laughner. There is a tape
> from
> a place called Picadilly from Ohio in '75 where Laughner was rumoured to
> have
> played on. I can't hear him if he is. Sounds like Lloyd throughout.

Always enjoy talking about & reading about Peter - the man was a fucked up
genius with the guitar!
   Peter DEFINITELY was not playing with TV at the Picadilly - he was busy
recording the show(the copy of the few tunes I have is on a compilation tape I
got through him back then, which also has early TV stuff on it) in anticipation
of joining 'em in New York, which he also definitely didn't do. He DID try to
jump onstage with the Patti Smith Group, but Patti's brother pushed him
   There's precious little Peter around, & one of the best things I ever heard
no longer exists. Back in the mid-70s, WMMS used to do a snhow called The Coffee
Break Concert, where a guest would come in & do an hour long acoustic set.
Peter's was heartbreakingly beautiful!  After Peter died, I was able to get a
reel-to-reel copy from 'MMS to play on the 3 hour tribute to Peter I did on WRUW
& played it in it's entirety.Did a great version of John Lee Hooker's "Gonna Get
Me A Gun" with the intro "If you think acoustic music is laid back, then I'm
gonna get a gun & lay back the back of your head!) Soon after, it was ripped off
with my portible TEAC stereo cassette recorder. As far as I know, I've never
heard of a copy of either the Coffee Break
Concert or my radio tribute showing up on anything.
     Any of you ever hear of the LP Peter Laughner, on Koolie Records? Put out
by Peter's friend Dick Clark (who he dedicated Dear Richard to). Came out in '82
& has some songs & performances not on Take The Guitar Player... Side 1: Sylvia
Plath, Rag Mama, Dear Richard, Side 2: Hideaway, Baudelaire, Dinosaur Lullaby,
   I still tear up whenever I read Lester Bangs' tribute to Peter!
   I also have a beautiful note that Peter's mom Margaret sent me, which
includes this
"Peter lived with us from February through the time of his death June 22 ('77),
where he slept in his Grandmother Laughner's bed upstairs. He is at peace now
and I am at peace because I no longer need to worry about him. Luke [Peter's
dad} is disconsolate. He is up in a great guitarists Valhalla"

Gary Mollica

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