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Sad the joys of youth.

GaryM wrote:

> >
> > >Is there any known or rumored early TV recordings featuring Peter Laughner
> > >on guitar?  He reportedly played with them for a short time when Lloyd
> > >quit, left or soemthing.
> > >
> >
> >     To my knowledge there are no TV tapes with Laughner. There is a tape
> > from
> > a place called Picadilly from Ohio in '75 where Laughner was rumoured to
> > have
> > played on. I can't hear him if he is. Sounds like Lloyd throughout.
> Always enjoy talking about & reading about Peter - the man was a fucked up
> genius with the guitar!
>    Peter DEFINITELY was not playing with TV at the Picadilly - he was busy
> recording the show(the copy of the few tunes I have is on a compilation tape I
> got through him back then, which also has early TV stuff on it) in anticipation
> of joining 'em in New York, which he also definitely didn't do. He DID try to
> jump onstage with the Patti Smith Group, but Patti's brother pushed him
> offstage.
>    There's precious little Peter around, & one of the best things I ever heard
> no longer exists. Back in the mid-70s, WMMS used to do a snhow called The Coffee
> Break Concert, where a guest would come in & do an hour long acoustic set.
> Peter's was heartbreakingly beautiful!  After Peter died, I was able to get a
> reel-to-reel copy from 'MMS to play on the 3 hour tribute to Peter I did on WRUW
> & played it in it's entirety.Did a great version of John Lee Hooker's "Gonna Get
> Me A Gun" with the intro "If you think acoustic music is laid back, then I'm
> gonna get a gun & lay back the back of your head!) Soon after, it was ripped off
> with my portible TEAC stereo cassette recorder. As far as I know, I've never
> heard of a copy of either the Coffee Break
> Concert or my radio tribute showing up on anything.
>      Any of you ever hear of the LP Peter Laughner, on Koolie Records? Put out
> by Peter's friend Dick Clark (who he dedicated Dear Richard to). Came out in '82
> & has some songs & performances not on Take The Guitar Player... Side 1: Sylvia
> Plath, Rag Mama, Dear Richard, Side 2: Hideaway, Baudelaire, Dinosaur Lullaby,
> Lullaby.
>    I still tear up whenever I read Lester Bangs' tribute to Peter!
>    I also have a beautiful note that Peter's mom Margaret sent me, which
> includes this
> "Peter lived with us from February through the time of his death June 22 ('77),
> where he slept in his Grandmother Laughner's bed upstairs. He is at peace now
> and I am at peace because I no longer need to worry about him. Luke [Peter's
> dad} is disconsolate. He is up in a great guitarists Valhalla"
> Best,
> Gary Mollica
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