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    Good Morning One & All,

    I spoke to one of New York's finest regarding Peter. Apparently he had a
real fixation with Patti, Verlaine, and Hell. And always felt he was the
guitarist for those people. So much so that he was actually rude and
abrasive to
Lenny, Ivan J., and Bob Quine. They were holding his position. According to
source he was a wannabee but couldntbee. He turned off everyone that he
especially "rival" guitarists. None of these people could (at the time)
why he was being rude to them. Sure genius comes in all shapes, sizes, and
colors, but
this is just pure megalomania. One LP's worth of material(again, in my own
opinion) hardly
constitutes "genius". I'd like to hear a follow up LP. Even in the case of
Richard Hell,
he made a classic piece of vinyl. One that will surely go down in the
history books for
many years to come. However, I can't say that Destiny Street even comes
close to the power
that Blank Generation has. Now someone like Lou Reed has at least 4 LP's
under his belt to prove
that he had the stuff that legends are made of. Bob Dylan made Bringing It
All Back Home,
Highway 61 Revisited, and Blonde On Blonde all in a year and a half. For
those contributions 
alone he owes me or anyone else anything. I need more proof of Peter
Laughner's "genius"
to be able to accept the term. I'm not trying to stir anything up here, just
voicing an
opinion. Thanks for the space. M T C
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