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(TV) Tom's Twin

Tom's fraternal twin brother John died of a heroin overdose in 1984 at
his girlfriend's house in Delaware. Tom was in Paris at the time on the
"Cover" tour when his parents called to tell him his brother died. John
had struggled with his addiction for years. I think that Tom hates the
drug culture so much because of what it did to his brother. John was
older than Tom, by  minutes. He was more socially adventurous. He
introduced Tom to some of the music that influenced Tom's style. Tom was
concerned about his brother for years before his death, and he often
spoke about the frustration of trying to help someone kick a drug habit.
Tom would  come back from visiting his family and say, "I gave my
brother a shirt for Christmas but he sold it for drug money." Tom is
wary of  drugs. He doesn't even smoke marijuana. He outright refuses it
when it's offered. But he does have a strong affection for cigarettes
and cafe au lait.

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