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Re: (TV) Ohio

>A beautiful album!  I'm really glad I was smart enough to buy a copy 
>some years ago without knowing anything about them.  I can't imagine 
>it's made it's way to CD, but stranger things have happened.  Last I 
>heard, Bob Pfeiffer was in A&R for some major label, but that was 
>quite a while ago. Ron Metz is, I think, in New Jersey, drumming for 
>an alt- or post-country band (I think...).  Don't know what Myrna's 
>up to, though.

    Bob Pfiefer was fired as an A & R guy. He made too many bad moves. I
have no idea what
he or Ron Metz are up to. I can tell you that I have not seen Myra in quite
some time. When
my daughter was first born 4 years ago I would see her at the park with her
baby. I have
not seen her in at least 2 years. People vanish quickly here in the city
just by moving to
another block. So she still may be here just going to a different park.
There was another
band from Ohio who moved to Hoboken for a short while. Their name escapes me
but they were
one of the finer guitar bands. Their lead singer and guitarist was bald
always wore a 
baseball cap on stage and his name was Mark I believe. The band's name may
have had
House in it somewhere, like Firehouse or something. I know a band from NJ
years later
took their name. The band I'm speaking of was around in the early 80's. And
if I'm
not mistaken Steve Almas from Beat Rodeo even played with them for a short
Damn this is really frustrating when you can't remember a band's name.M T C

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