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(TV) New Patti Single w/Tom

    Hey Y'all,

    Jackson just now brought in the new Patti CD "Gung-Ho". The lead of
track is the
one in which Tom does the solo. If I wasn't told that it was Tom I'd've
never known.
It's so unlike anything he's ever done before. It's actually the best song
Patti's done
in many many years. Great melody, lyrics, and it R O C K S hard. It's
similar to 
"Pumpin' In My Heart" if I had to compare it to something that she's done
If there's a drawback, Michael Stipe does the backing vocal. Having any
member of REM
on your record is surely the kiss of death. Even at the height of their
they were the kiss of death. I coud never understand it. They would give all
of these
great band free press in their interviews, sing, play, or produce on other
records and they'd all flop. Despite this, this new Patti song will be the
first single
from the LP and everyone should buy it. Not because of Tom, but it really is
best record in many years. This new line-up is finally playing like a unit
instead 4
individual players. I'm still pushing to get Quine on one of her LP's. I
really believe
she would benefit from having him play with her. She doesn't even know who
he is.
Figure that one out. Anyway, I just thought I'd inform you all that the
track with
Tom get's a two thumbs way up. 

    Speaking of thumbs up, does anyone know what became of Siskel. I've been
theshow again after a short break and now I see that it's just Ebert on on
Sunday nights
with assorted movie critics. I can't seem to find out what happened with
Anyone? M T C
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