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Re: (TV) New Patti Single w/Tom

Siskel died of a brain tumor? last year.
By the way someone posted about treeing some TV stuff or Verlaine for people
on the list.
I never saw a reply to this.
Any interest? Anyone?
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Subject: (TV) New Patti Single w/Tom

>     Hey Y'all,
>     Jackson just now brought in the new Patti CD "Gung-Ho". The lead of
> track is the
> one in which Tom does the solo. If I wasn't told that it was Tom I'd've
> never known.
> It's so unlike anything he's ever done before. It's actually the best song
> Patti's done
> in many many years. Great melody, lyrics, and it R O C K S hard. It's
> similar to
> "Pumpin' In My Heart" if I had to compare it to something that she's done
> before.
> If there's a drawback, Michael Stipe does the backing vocal. Having any
> member of REM
> on your record is surely the kiss of death. Even at the height of their
> popularity
> they were the kiss of death. I coud never understand it. They would give
> of these
> great band free press in their interviews, sing, play, or produce on other
> bands
> records and they'd all flop. Despite this, this new Patti song will be the
> first single
> from the LP and everyone should buy it. Not because of Tom, but it really
> her
> best record in many years. This new line-up is finally playing like a unit
> instead 4
> individual players. I'm still pushing to get Quine on one of her LP's. I
> really believe
> she would benefit from having him play with her. She doesn't even know who
> he is.
> Figure that one out. Anyway, I just thought I'd inform you all that the
> track with
> Tom get's a two thumbs way up.
>     Speaking of thumbs up, does anyone know what became of Siskel. I've
> watching
> theshow again after a short break and now I see that it's just Ebert on on
> Sunday nights
> with assorted movie critics. I can't seem to find out what happened with
> Siskel.
> Anyone? M T C
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