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Re: (TV) Gene Siskel

Gene Siskel died Saturday, Feb. 20, 1999. A report is at: 

The show continued to be called "Siskel and Ebert" last year, even though it
featured a different guest reviewer (from various newspapers across the nation)
each week. For the new season (starting Fall 1999, I think), it's now being
called "Roger Ebert and the Movies", with the same guest-a-week theme intact.

Now, *this* is really off-topic... :^)


--- MICHAEL CARLUCCI <subterraneannyc@mindspring.com> wrote:
>     Thanks to all who responded to my question but it's not very clear to me
> because one person has said it was last year and another a few months ago.
> Was it a year ago or a few months ago? M T C

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