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Re: (TV) Gene Siskel

Strangely enough I have a good Siskel story...
When I was in law school, I'd go have lunch and a few beers at the local 
off-track betting joint.  The bartender was David Koechner, of all people, 
who later was on the cast of SNL for a season or two -- great guy!  At any 
rate, Siskel was also a regular, and man, did he know his horses.  One day, 
after I noticed him repeatedly cashing tickets, I chatted him up and decided 
to match his bets (dropping a zero or two from the amount of my wager -- he 
wasn't messing around).  I made about $400 in four races.  He was a good 
critic too, and he and Ebert made a good team.  Siskel was more of a film 
geek's critic, while Ebert takes more of a Joe Q. Public perspective, I 
think, but the pairing made for a good balance.  He is missed, especially 
here in Chicago.  And I haven't won more than $100 ever since!
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