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(TV) Conversation starter

Things have been a bit quiet of late, so here's an icebreaker we did a while ago:

What are you listening to right now and/or have stacked by the stereo/computer/whatever?

Now playing: Skip Spence's _Oar_, which now has a solid grip on my brain. "Little Hands" is on right now, and is perfect.

In the bag near the computer:
Santa Dog's funpack
We Are Vikings (college kids with vocal harmonies and a good pop sense)
Bedhead: _Beheaded_ (slow, ethereal, creepy 3-guitar rock)
Butthole Surfers: _Psychic...Powerless...Another Man's Sac_ (Had to replace the vinyl copy.) Fuck: _Conduct_ (much more mellow than you'd expect from the band name. Some really good moves, including "Italy," which almost has a TV vibe in the ending section) Myles Boisen: _Guitarspeak_ (really enjoying this free-improv guitar noise. Fred Frith's a guest on this, which should give you some indication) Jandek: _White Box Requiem_ ("Notes get picked like scabs"--Byron Coley. I'll note that I'm also involved in the Jandek tribute, for which I've picked a tune from the middle period--when he was actually tuning the guitar.)

Anybody else?

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