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Re: (TV) R. Ebert/Ubu 45

At 12:39 AM -0500 1/18/00, S. Surawski wrote:
what really impresses
me is how west-coasty most Beefheart sounds compared to no-coasty Ubu.

"No-coasty"--I love it.  Perfect for Ubu.

Regional influences really get to me; would be interested to know if
anyone thinks they're as prevalent now as  back in "the day."

Hmmm. I'm going to venture that they're not as prevalent in terms of there being "sounds," but there has been some vital "scenes." Louisville and Chicago come to mind. Anywhere you can get a critical mass of like-minded people together, something's going to happen. Now as far as those scenes being influenced by the region...maybe. There's a very laid-back vibe to the new Papa M stuff (David Pajo, late of Chicago's Tortoise, Louisville's Slint, and a million other bands), including the telltale presence of banjo.

Maybe the alt-country stuff bears more of a regional influence (or an attempt at one, in some cases, I guess) than other genres, but these are the only examples that come to mind. Good question.

Ruminating no-coastily,

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