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(TV) R. Ebert/Ubu 45

Oh come on...isn't ANYONE going to ask if he was the fat one or the
skinny one?  ...oh well, it was fun while it lasted...

In reviewing the past week's digests, noticed several favorable mentions
of P. Ubu & then remembered when I  bought the 45 (close to 25 yrs
ago--egad!) Well, we goofed & first played "40 Seconds Over Tokyo" at 33
1/3, but man o man it was & remains some of the best, intense stuff I
ever heard!  Incidentally, someone mentioned a Beefheart influence,
which I guess is in some ways unmistakeable, but what really impresses
me is how west-coasty most Beefheart sounds compared to no-coasty Ubu.
Regional influences really get to me; would be interested to know if
anyone thinks they're as prevalent now as  back in "the day." 

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