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(TV) Filmfest next month

Hi all,

If you check the new message at the Richard Hell website (see
http://www.hell.hostaxis.com/cgi-bin/showmessage.asp?messageID=339), there's
info about an upcoming "Blank Generation & Beyond" filmfest where they will be
showing, among other things, the Uli Lommel "Blank Generation" film, Susan
Seidelman's "Smithereens" (which stars Richard Hell), and the unfinished
Theresa Stern movie (for which Verlaine apparently did the soundtrack c. 1990).

The festival will run for about a week, starting Feb. 17, at the new theater
being built near 3rd St. and Ave. A. Friday night, Feb. 18, will feature
Hell-related films starting at 8 PM. Hell will be there to introduce the films
and to sign copies of the new English/French WANNA GO OUT? reissue.

Way more details at


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