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Re: (TV) Conversation starter

Let's see what's piled up here:
Spinning right now:  Cat Mother and the All Night Newsboys - "The Street
Giveth and the Street Taketh Away" ( produced by Jimi Hendrix, a great,
understated album with some of the best organ solos of all time ).
The Dictators "Bloodbrothers"
Richard Lloyd "Alchemy" gold CD
Blondie "No Exit"
Eye and I - a fantastic NYC band from a few years back with a great female
vocalist.  They got some minor MTV airplay with their version of "Venus In
Furs" but that really doesn't show all they were capable of.  Pick it up if
you can find it.
Lava Love - Afrodesia
Nice to see Willie Alexander's name pop up - I spend many nights at the Rat
while the Boom Boom band pummeled away on stage.  If the demo version of
"Radio Heart" had come out his career might have been a whole different

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