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Re: (TV) hi guys

    That CD is one that up to 2 years ago people would've killed for. You
couldn't find those
songs anywhere. The source is from Richard Lloyd's old girlfriend Judy.
Apparently Richard 
left the tape at her apartment. She came in here trying to sell her
collection of tapes.
I was salivating upon seeing the track listing. I immediately put her in
touch with Scorpio
Records who pay big money(well to her it was big money, she had cancer and
could not
work and subsequently was flat broke) for such a tape. Scorpio had some
photos from that era which were taken at the time of thew Terry Ork Loft
Video. Scorpio
put together a nice set and unleashed it upon the world. Later they would
re-issue it
again with a hidden track "Come On In" which depending on which version you
either replaces Blank Generation or was just tacked on at the end. Yeah,
it's a bit
cavernous, but I'll take it in even a lesser quality just to hear UFO, F***
Rock & Roll,
and "Come On In".  That's the story with that CD. Treasure it always, it's a
nice piece
of TV history and is the missing link between the Neon Boys 45 and the Eno
demos. Now
if we can just get Tom to let the Alan Lanier demos loose. Do you hear this
Let it go. Your fans are waiting. M T C  
>From: Annie Keller <akellerusa@netscape.net>
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>Subject: (TV) hi guys
>Date: Wed, Jan 19, 2000, 10:36 PM

>Hi, wish I'd offered some input lately but I've been so busy studying it's all
>I can do to read the e-mails. Anyway, my best friend got me a Television
>bootleg. [He doesn't get Marquee Moon yet, but I'm educating him, he he.] It's
>called Poor Circulation, and it sounds like the guys recorded on a My First
>Sony, but I was really happy to get it. Does anyone know anything about it?
>There is nothing to identify it besides the fact Richard Hell is still with
>the band. Can anyone help me?
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