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(TV) re: Mr. Obbard wrote...

I'm sure I've drooled about The Only Ones on this list far too much already...
The Peel Sessions, Even Serpents Shine and the live album on Miu Miu records
are all awesome. (Don't buy the crappy compilation 'Alone In The Night',
though, it's an example of a really bad transfer to CD).
Peter Perrett managed to come off the drugs a few years ago and put together a
new band called The One. They weren't quite as good as the original Only Ones
(they missed the great John Perry on guitar, and had an annoying tinkly
keyboard player) but they made a surprisingly good album called 'Woke Up
Sticky'. The last song, 'Shivers' is one of the best he ever wrote.
Unfortunately the band then got fed up with his unreliability (apparently) and
split. Shame. Subsequently some brave soul released one of their shows as a
live album on a French label. It's not a fantastic performance, nor is it easy
to find, but it's well recorded and has several songs which as far as I know
never came out anywhere else, including the magnificent 'You Gave Birth'. 

Oh yes, and the last album I listened to was that Flaming Lips thing. It's


Just discovered
"Another Girl, Another Planet"

Now you need to discover the band; The Only Ones are something special
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